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Why Our Coffee?

A Supreme Quality Coffee

  1. A coffee cultivated free of pesticides and insecticides: We never use pestcides or insecticides in our plantation. Most coffee cultivators use pesticides to obtain a more abundant production. There are two types of pesticides which are highly toxic. Dysiston and Temik. GREEN COFFEE BEANSBoth are systematic poisons, which enter the plants system through their roots contaminating it all the way to it’s leaves and fruit. Temik Pesticide is considered the fourth most toxic pesticide in the world. For this reason we don’t use any chemicals that can put at risk your health. The coffee we cultivate, the one that we and our family consumes, is the same one we merchandise.
  2. A coffee cultivated under optimum altitude, humidity and temperature soil conditions: Puerto Rico’s optimum altitude to obtain a high quality coffee bean is between 2,000 and 3,000 feet. When our coffee has the adecuate altitude and humidity, the coffee bean obtained is a whole one ( it won’t burst or crack). Our coffee is cultivated in the mountains at 2,300 feet of altitude, on RIPE COFFEE PLANTa slope where it receives the ideal humidity - since it obtains the necessary rain and natural drainage. If coffee beans are cultivated on a valley, or any flat ground, it consecuently will have a poor drainage, causing the water to accumulate in it’s plants roots affecting negatively its development.
  3. A first grain coffee - no mixes - cultivated to it’s maximum maturity point: We use only first coffee grains of the arabica variety, which is the most aromatic type in Puerto Rico and possibliy, the world. Our coffee is not mixed with other grains - and we pick our coffee grains at their maximun point of maturity. This makes our coffee of superior quality. When a coffee is picked green or semi green, it has been picked prematurely. This makes the coffee categorized as a SUN DRYING COFFEEsecond or third class coffee. Many coffee cultivators use mixes with other grains to camouflage their coffee’s imperfections of aroma and coloring... not us.
  4. Sun-dried coffee: In our plantation we use “solar boxes”- these are aluminum boxes with a glass cover – that permit the coffee grain to dry in the most hygenic way because it is placed and sealed in these solar boxes. During the day, we open the lid to liberate the excess humidity; during the night, we tightly seal the boxes. This sun drying method makes our coffee the most aromatic and exquisite flavored of all. The way we elaborate our coffee is in total harmony with nature and the entire environment. Other coffee-cultivators dry their coffee in “cameras or huge bowls”- where the grain is artificially dried with “diesel” gasoline. The gases that emanate are also transmited to the coffee; This is why we gurantee that our coffee is the most healthy and exquisite… we use the world's own natural drying source: COFFEE PLANTATIONThe Sun.
  5. A coffee of origin: We know the trayectory of our coffee from the tree until it reaches your cup. Our family has cultivated, produced and elaborated coffee for more than three generations. Café Aromático Regio (Regal Aromatic Coffee) is produced and elaborated in Yauco, known as the “The City of the Great Coffee”, from where coffee has been exported to the Vatican. Yauco offers the unique conditions to produce our Regal Aromatic Coffee of Supreme Quality.
  6. Coffee elaborated on demand: Our theme is to offer the highest quality coffee, and to assure this quality it's important for us that you receive it in the absolute freshest possible state. For this reason we toast, grind and pack the coffee the moment we receive your order.PERSONALIZED COFFEE POT
  7. Personalized orders: You are one of the few privileged people in the world to enjoy our exquisite limited production coffee. Since our coffee is for only a Select Group of people, we personalize every unit with the phrase (written in spanish): “Cultivated, produced and elaborated by Yaucafe, specially for Mr.(s)_____________(your name here)”.

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