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In the mountains of Yauco, a small town in the south-west central area of Puerto Rico, located in the Mayor Antilles (Cuba, Jamaica, Haití-Republica Dominicana and Puerto Rico) and with the ideal conditions of soil, altitude, humidity and temperature we produce the CAFE AROMATICO REGIO (Regal Aromatic Coffee). A top quality coffeeCOFFEE BAG, cultivated, produced and elaborated by hand entirely. We know the path of our coffee from the tree to your cup. Our coffee is free of pesticide or insecticides and it’s dried up in the sun light, always in harmony with the environment.

Our coffee selection is small, as is our family which has been producing the exquisite arabica coffee as our mother taught us since the early nineteen hundred's.

I invite you to honor me and my family by experiencing a cup of our limited production gourmet coffee.

Rafael Rodríguez, YAUKAFE

Simply exquisite. If you are a serious coffee drinker, this is the coffee for you. - Juan Muriente. Joyuda, Puerto Rico (
I have never tasted such an incredible coffee in my life! Kudos Yaukafe for the incredible product. I'll recommend it to all my friends. - Alex Montalvo. Florida, USA

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